Frequently Asked Questions.

How are you different from an agency?

We have worked with dozens of agencies amounting to millions of dollars of deliverables throughout our careers, but we didn’t grow up inside an agency box. We worked in B2B and B2C companies building brands with our bare hands from the inside out. We don’t have trendy offices. We don’t even have a ping pong table or free bagel Thursdays. We are entrepreneurs first. We keep it simple and straightforward. Every project is unique. Each client is family. We strive to care as much about your business as you do. In that sense, we want you to pay for the value we bring, not our overhead.


Who is a typical client?

We love working with leaders who desire to strategically position their brands and shape their organizations to sustain a competitive advantage in their categories. Bold leaders that view branding and values as an investment, not an expense, in their long-term success, and who have a passionate desire and commitment to do something truly inspiring will find the greatest benefit. If you are a small-to-medium business (SMB), organization or startup with between 10 to 250 people, you will find tremendous value and transformation engaging with us as your partner.


Who should attend a workshop?

Participants should include a democratized cross-section of founders, C-Suites, senior executives, and sales and marketing leaders. Our workshops are ideally tailored for 4-6 attendees, as too many voices can mute conversation and too few can result in bias from dominant viewpoints. Remember, these workshops are one-day sprints not marathons, so invite people who bring expertise, imagination and energy to collaborate and share. It is also highly recommended that participants check titles, personal agendas and busy schedules at the door; you can get these back during breaks and at the end of the workshop.


Do I need both workshops?

Which comes first — your company or your brand? In that sense, it really doesn’t matter which workshop you choose, or if you choose to do one or both. However, for organizations for which the brand exists at the organizational level, it makes a lot of sense to craft brand strategy and organizational strategy in tandem. When a brand is aligned with an organization's vision, mission and values, the odds of employees and customers becoming advocates for the brand dramatically increase, making success much more likely.


Where do we meet?

Typically, workshops are held onsite at the client's location, providing there is a dedicated meeting space or conference room. If this is not possible or ideal, other arrangements may include the client securing a suitable offsite location such as a local work/share space or small hotel conference room.

Tell me more about your creative services?

Bringing a brand to life requires high-impact digital or printed visual assets. We provide a one-stop approach to custom graphic design and printing. In fact, providing such services is where we got our start decades ago as print brokers. Our expertise and preferred network of designers and printers will guarantee you get the best pricing at the highest quality end product.



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