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Vision, Mission, Values

       If you don't know where you're going,

                                             any road will get you there.

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Spend a value-packed day with a skilled facilitator as we explore how to build a strong superstructure foundation for your organization; one that is inspired by vision, driven by mission, and guided by values that are practiced and not preached.

What to Expect

In one of the most significant and productive days you will ever spend, your Why or "reason for being" will be explored, and your best thinking unleashed on answering the questions: "Where do we want to go, and how and in what manner will we get there?" After the workshop, you'll receive a one-page VMV Statement for guidance in establishing a strong culture and aligning your strategic planning, decision-making and actions in the workplace and in the community.

Vision, Mission, Values Elements


Simply put, vision is an imagined future state that is aspirational. It reaches far beyond today or even next year, and projects forward to what your organization can become and achieve. It is an internal North Star that stretches you to reach for more. Your Vision Statement will provide purpose and inspiration to leadership and employees by strategically defining what success looks like in 3-5 years and beyond.


Values define what an organization stands for and how it behaves. Such values provide a basis for expected behaviors. They help guide strategy and priorities, as well as determine where and how a company spends its time and money. Your Values Statement will provide a moral and ethical compass for not only culture, but decision-making and actions.


If vision is the ultimate dream destination, then your mission is the roadmap for getting there. It is the driving force for what you do, how you do it, and why and for whom you do it. Your Mission Statement will help your organization live and breathe the dynamic actions that will be measured by shorter term goals and realized performance outcomes at every level.


Your company is the living embodiment of all your deeply held beliefs and values. Once articulated and implemented, these align employees and companies, and brands and customers, with powerful and long-lasting impact. Collectively, your vision, mission and values will bring tremendous energy and focus that will ultimately define success for the organization.

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