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Brand Discovery 

       Your brand is more than a logo or slogan, 

                    it's a complete expression of who you are.

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You are invited to spend a day of discovery with a seasoned brand expert as we collaborate for greatness in reimagining the next best thing you will do for your company. Whether you are a newer brand or just refreshing, you'll discover a brand new you.

What to Expect

An action-packed day comprised of individual and group activities and exercises designed to get the very best out of you and your team. Collaboration and creativity will generate ideation and discovery that will challenge existing thinking and open up innovative approaches to create a more rationalized and vibrant brand. After the branding workshop, you'll receive a one-page Brand Blueprint that will help ignite your management and marketing teams in achieving their full potential.

Brand Discovery Elements



99% of companies in a category are basically the same. We will surface exactly what timeless quality makes you special in a sea of sameness, and how your brand can resonate more with consumers. Put another way, we'll dive deep into your Why (and your soul) to bring your unique brand identity to life.



A powerful brand should reflect and express the key values and attributes of its target audience in order to speak to them in meaningful ways. We'll explore the things which matter most to your best customers that cause them to say, "This brand gets me." Consumers also demand a brand that appeals to them on a very human social level, so we'll also have fun discovering your unique brand personality.



Features tell, benefits sell. You've probably heard that before, but that's only half the story. We'll explore the functional benefits that are important to your best customers, but more importantly, we'll surface the emotional rewards experienced when someone interacts with your brand; in other words, the benefit of the benefit. How your brand makes someone feel is ultimately the real reason why they use your products or services, and eventually become loyal advocates.



What you can unequivocally promise to every customer across every single touch point is where expectation and experience meet. It's why people trust you and keep coming back. Once your brand promise is defined, we'll craft brand positioning that helps differentiate you from all of your competitors. You'll come away being able to identify exactly what's on-brand and off-brand going forward.

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