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Impressive brands and organizations are intentional. Our immersive and engaging one-day workshops help provide clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of your brand and company. Our approach combines expert hands on facilitation with collaborative learning experiences, and lots of sticky notes. Participants leave with actionable tools and techniques (and a new found love for sticky notes) designed to build more vibrancy in your branding and strategic resiliency within your organization.

Brand Discovery

This powerful roll up your sleeves workshop answers the questions: "Why does your brand exist, and why should anyone care?" You will come away with a clearer understanding of what makes your brand special, a stronger positioning framework, and a roadmap for creating the kind of brand people can truly love.

PEOPLE Workshop sticky notes.jpg

Mission, Vision, Values

This dynamic and interactive workshop develops the essential building blocks that will help your organization stand the test of time. You will uncover a compelling vision and mission, along with core values you can put to work immediately in cultural alignment, decision-making, and future interactions with employees, vendors, and the world.

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